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It’s always fascinating to observe the mechanisms of communication, especially since when we all plunged into the wide web, which calls the shots. The point is: the Web offers new possibilities, but only if you have the right skills to understand and manage its dynamics.
Solomon Tsitsuashvili, a Georgian copywriter, has devised a brilliant, creative and original way to advertise himself, talking about advertising. He decided to challenge himself by publishing a great brand campaign invented by him on his Facebook page every day. The idea is stimulating and has become quite viral on the web.
In a period when appealing ideas are needed to stand out from the mass, and capturing the attention on social networks for a handful of seconds has become a key marketing strategy, it’s interesting to analyse the example of this young copywriter.

Solomon Tsitsuashvili, pubblicità Heineken

Could you please tell me about your job and career development?

«I currently work at a large local company in a marketing department as a Social Media strategist. My marketing career started 7 years ago and I have worked in various industries in different marketing roles. I am gradually trying to change the course of my career and move to advertising full-time.»

Where did you get the idea of this challenge? What was the trigger?

«I’ve been a huge fan of advertising since my early student years, but at that time I was not sure if my talent were adequate to that advertising career path. Through the years I came across a various design and copywriting challenges and this summer I had some spare time so I decided to test my skills. At first, I was not sure about the results, 365 days sounded like a lot. But after a month or so people really started to enjoy my challenge and it gave me an extra boost to go on. And here I am, on day 195 and still going.»

Solomon Tsitsuashvili pubblicità Dlink

What about your goal? In my opinion it’s a great example of viral marketing because this stimulating challenge gives you visibility as a copywriter. What’s your take about it?

«The goal, first of all, was to put my abilities to test. It is a great exercise for mind to do the same thing every day, non-stop, for the whole year. It also builds up determination and character, which are essential in succeeding in such a fast-paced industry. Secondly, the challenge gave me a great viral exposure, both locally, in Georgia, and globally. This fact can have a major long-term impact on my future career. Actions speak louder than words, and when a resume is backed-up with a 365 days copywriting challenge, it may speak really loud.»

Being viral is a double-edged sword, in a way it is a kind of advertising, yet it can become a little aggressive and easily bore people. As a copywriter, what’s your opinion on the importance of viral marketing?

«Spot-on. Being viral is really a double-edged sword. When I started this project the only challenge was to come up with an idea every day, but now, when I have 10K+ followers it is crucial to maintain the quality of the ads high every single day, because it is difficult to gain followers, but quite easy to lose them.»

Solomon Tsitsuashvili pubblicità Tinder

What’s the best commercial or campaign that you remember?

«Mercedes-Benz -The Journey, TNT – Push to add dramaAudi – The ComebackBut there are tons and tons of other great ad campaigns that I really love and that inspire me.»

Could you suggest us an Ad that comes first to your mind for Just Baked?

«Well, right off the top of my head… “Baked without a grain of salt”.»

Solomon Tsitsuashvili is born in Tbilisi in Georgia. He describes himself as a “marketer by day, copywriter by night”. Solomon works as Social Media Strategist, but he’s attracted by the world of advertising. To test himself (and to gain exposure) he decided to challenge himself by publishing a great brand campaign invented by him on his Facebook page every day.

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