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Ismael Cala at TEDxRoma 2018

When you find yourself in a situation that triggers toxic emotions that could shadow your thoughts, that’s the right moment to step outside yourself and become the observer. It’s not easy, it requires a lot of practice.

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24 Maggio 2018

Today we present another highly anticipated speaker at TEDx Roma2018.

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Presentazione TEDxRoma18

Solo una sintesi … non possiamo mica svelarvi tutto.TKS to Teleambiente

Pubblicato da TEDxRoma su mercoledì 16 maggio 2018


Ismael Cala, speaker of TEDxRoma 2018, deals with personal development and mindfulness. President and founder of Cala Enterprises and Ismael Cala Foundation, with his work has had a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.


You say that neutrality requires self-awareness, inner balance and detachment and it seems the right way to face yourself and achieve best results. How can we learn neutrality to evaluate ourselves?
I have three key concepts I have learned and crafted from what I have experienced through life.

The first is to build self-awareness by constantly watching myself. Watching my thoughts and the way my mind works. Create kind of a parallel Ismael that watches the way I’m watching myself and everything that surrounds me (life, people, environment, situations) and the way I react to situations.

When you find yourself in a situation that triggers toxic emotions that could shadow your thoughts, that’s the right moment to step outside yourself and become the observer. It’s not easy, it requires a lot of practice.

The second is the practice of meditation in all of its versions (mindfulness, chi kung, yoga) It is the best way to develop neutrality. It helps to connect with myself and others, be present and stay grounded.

And the third is to be like the bamboo. Bamboos are empty inside. Neutrality means to empty our minds from all prejudices and emotions that arise from our perceptions and preconceptions. Flexibility is one of the main characteristics of the bamboos. It makes us flow with uncertainty and detach from the necessity of being right.

Ismael Cala speaker at TEDxRoma 2018


After 16 years, you went back to Cuba to “forget” your past. Could we say you used neutrality to face your life?
Actually, I went back to Cuba to embrace my past. There is where I come from. I honor it. It is the reason of what I’m today. Neutrality made me observe things from a different perspective. It allowed me to get out of the role of victim and stand out as the protagonist of my own life.

Ismael Cala speaker at TEDxRoma 2018


In one of your book “La vida es una piñata”, you show how social and educational archetypes influence our behaviour. Is it really possible to get rid of mental schemes?
For sure! Due to neuroplasticity we have the capacity to unlearn and re-learn. We can get rid of old schemes and limiting beliefs. We are facing new ways of learning thanks to neuro-education. We can change habits by consciously identifying the ones that doesn’t helps us to grow and achieve what we want, therefore replace them with others that would empower us. Being self-aware, develop our emotional intelligence, being constant and dare to jump out of our comfort zone is the clue.

Ismael Cala speaker at TEDxRoma 2018


According your view, spirituality is connected with ourselves, not with God. It sounds as a good way to invest on your potential. How do you develop and reinforce your inner dimension?
We are all spiritual beings. We all come from a divine source, some call it God, others the universe, and so on. Spirituality lives within us. We just have to connect with it and develop it. Being aware that we are more than matter, that we are energy of love and abundance and that we have an unlimited potential but that we also have a big purpose to accomplish in this life, makes me live in a committed way with me and my environment.

We are mind, body and soul. I try to live coherently between these three dimensions.
As I said earlier, self-observation
Believe, Create and Grow

Ismael Cala speaker at TEDxRoma 2018


In some of your interview, you speak about “emotional education”. We grow up, learning to compare ourselves with other people and forgetting what really mean “gratitude”. How could we change this way to act and become more aware?
First thing is to identify that way of acting within ourselves. Self-Discovery. Then have the will to change it.

Look for guidance (coaching, reading, conferences)

Meditation again! (in order to foster acceptance, self-compassion, and compassion towards others, stop judging everything, enjoy life, and being grateful)



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Ismael Cala is a life and business strategist, best-selling artist, and international speaker who specializes in personal development and Mindful Exponential Leadership.

Born in Santiago de Cuba, Cala graduated with honors from both “Universidad de Oriente” and “York University.” As the former host of CALA, a primetime talk show on CNN en Español, he became one of the most renowned journalists and highest-ranked Hispanic speaker in the region.

He was referred to as “the Latino Larry King” by the New York Times and is also the founder and president of CALA Enterprises Corporation, a content production company focused on leadership, mindfulness, productivity, and excellence. Cala is the president of the Ismael Cala Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote and sponsor vocational training, leadership, and emotional intelligence programs for disadvantage children and teens throughout Latin America and within the U.S. Hispanic Community. Cala’s passion, work, and contributions have led him to make an impact on countless lives in more than twenty-five countries, and he strives to continue to do so through his growing efforts to spread well-being, productivity, and excellence throughout the world.