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Afghan Lives Matter

Here's What Happened Today in Kabul.

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1 Settembre 2021


Kabul, August, 2021




Taliban has not changed. They still do not believe in the freedom and demands of the citizens. No one can hold them accountable.
That they were the same as those of 1996.





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Now that the Taliban control the country, raising the Afghan flag has become an act of resistance.
August 19, 2021: Taliban hit and arrested a man because he was holding Afghanistan flag.


August 26, 2021: ISIS attack at Kabul airport. At least 95 dead and 150 injured even if the balance remains uncertain.


Flood of blood in Kabul airport.





The (sad) burqa rush has begun.



The price of a burqa in Kabul has increased tenfold.


Women have to stay at home, they can no longer work. In Kabul, female students hide documents proving their enrollment at the university. They burn the clothes and empty the cosmetic bags with their make-up. They close the social profiles.


The Taliban kidnap childs from house to house, beating and killing family members who oppose them.

The little girls, as unmarried, can be given as wives to the guerrillas, up to four women per man according to the Koranic law.
Many little girls, even 7-8 years of age, have died as a result of the rapes they suffered.



Twenty years later, the Taliban take back the capital.
They are armed, very rich, even more powerful, thanks to the huge river of money that enters their pockets for drugs.


Opium crops in Afghanistan have quadrupled in 20 years of war: and now heroin is exported directly.


Those opium crops that can never be vegetables or wheat. Opium yields more and there is nothing that can stop them for the moment.


Perhaps women will be able to do it by paying very high prices.



May America and Europe respond!


Let us not let the burqa fall (like a painful curtain) on Afghan women and their rights again.