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Photoessay from
the Asian side

Navigating your way through the suburban neighborhoods of Istanbul can give insight and perspective into the essence of daily life within the city, as long as you remain receptive to the intimate moments that locals share between one another.

streets in Istanbul
Sarah Muscari photography

Areas such as Balat and Kadıköy (on the Asian side) offer texturally rich, visually authentic and diverse surroundings, boasting distint and original scenery and atmospheres.

man in istanbul
Sarah Muscari photography

Whether it be amongst the inner city or the outskirts, moments remain untouched by the hectic noise that lays just beyond the district lights. As families, friends and storekeepers sit around their doorways, waiting by their window sills for their baskets to be filled, watching children run up and down the sloping streets, moments of serenity are found with ease.

children in istanbul
Sarah Muscari photpgraphy

In saying so, the essence of community has been established throughout each district, as you swerve around various streets, you see groups of families sit across from each other on the roads, sharing stories, exchanging food and running into one-another’s houses.

Sarah Muscari photography

The children seem to find any means necessary to amuse themselves, keeping their outdoor creativity alive. You will notice many of them sitting or standing outside their barricaded windows, smiling and tagging along as you walk by.

Sarah Muscari photography

My images reveal the core character of the diversity in which Istanbul offers, hidden amongst the streets, away from obvious view and beyond the chaos.

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